Toddler Breakfast: Mini Banana Pancake Muffins

Here comes another episode of “When Pinterest Becomes Reality“…. Starring Smart & Sassy Mom AKA June Cleaver AKA Martha Stewart. Give me a Pinterest idea that contains 5 or less steps and look out world! I am unstoppable…OK, not really, but I really do get excited and my family does too. They can’t wait to find out if my adventure will be BLAST or a BUST! And trust me, they will tell the truth.

I found this neat little recipe on Pinterest which led me to this site by Once a Month Mom for these amazing little pancake muffins for my little “Muffin” who is super excited about self-feeding right now! They were so easy (about 20 minutes), cheap (only had to buy the Bisquick for $1.39 had everything else at home) and tasty. I made them for the baby, but between my middle daughter and myself, we gobbled up the  poor little baby’s breakfast food! They taste like little pancakes with syrup on them…Yum!

Here’s all that’s to it and don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest. As you can see, I pin some really cool stuff!

You need:

1 cup Bisquick Complete (just add water kind)
1 Banana (sliced and quartered)
2/3 cup syrup
2/3 cup of water

Easy Toddler Food

Preheat your oven at 350 degrees F.

Mix your Bisquick, syrup and water together in a bowl and spoon contents into a lightly greased muffin (preferably mini muffin) pan.

Drop bananas in the mixture and bake  for 12-15 minutes for mini muffins (and 15-20 minutes regular muffin size). Let them completely cool and you can even freeze them for serving later!

Quick Toddler Food

Easy Toddler Food

And this is what makes me happy! :-)

Easy Toddler Food

I want to hear from you…Let me know when/if you make these and what other easy toddler foods you love!


Keeping it Smart & Sassy (KISS),



  1. Tenita foston says:

    This sounds good to have for school aged kids to eat on their way out the door.. I will be making these this week! Thanks

  2. Yum! These look good! I think I’ll try it and add apples. Maybe peaches. Oh boy, watch out!!! LOL!

  3. These muffins look delicious, and I love the fact that the recipe is easy! I may try this one for me and my honey!

  4. Kiwi in Namyang says:

    I’m gonna try these, for my Korean kids English class our “breakfast club”

  5. I made these this morning! Perfect for the bambino and the rest of the family! I think these would also be good for a breakfast on the go. We had them with bacon. Yummy! to me!