6 Simple Tips for Avoiding Summertime

6 Simple Tips for Avoiding Summertime Slump

We all enjoy the lazy days of summer. No homework. No buses. Lighter traffic. Yesss! But, we have to remember that for everyday that our kids do absolutely nothing educational, a part of every lesson they were taught and concept they learned can be lost. Let’s be proactive and NOT depend on the beginning of the next school year for [Read On]

The Unforgettable Proposal...The Fabulous Wedding...The Horrible Marriage

The Unforgettable Proposal…The Fabulous Wedding…The Horrible Marriage

We just love a beautiful proposal, don’t we? Romantic and creative proposal videos become viral at the speed of light these days. This is such a beautiful way to tell the world that this is the person that you can’t love without. And the weddings…Oh the wedding!!! The pomp and circumstance and glamour. These days [Read On]

Wht to Pack for a Family Cruise #familytravel

What to Pack for a Family Cruise

  Cruises are ideal vacations for a lot of families, including mine. It’s a great way to see more than one destination during your vacation. Opposed to other vacations, one of the best reasons why I love cruising, is I don’t have to cook – and everyone is happy at mealtime! Besides that, it’s what [Read On]

Tory Burch Miler Sandal

Tory Burch Miller Sandal: The Thong Sandal of Thong Sandals

Please join me in welcoming to Shoe Gal, PhD, to Smart & Sassy Mom as our featured guest blogger. I tend to think that I’m pretty stylish but I won’t lie, as a mom, it takes a little more effort than it did before [I was a busy mom] to look my best or even [Read On]

5 Important Lessons for My Kids' Success in Life

5 Important Lessons for My Kids’ Success in Life

My husband and I are living examples to our kids that it’s okay to have/strive for nice things in life. What we also have to remember is that our kids came AFTER all of the hard work or they are not privy to what goes on “behind the scenes” in life. While  we want them [Read On]

Free Coloring Pages Featuring Little Girls with Curly Hair

Free Coloring Pages Featuring Little Girls with Curly Hair

Special thanks to a dear friend of mine for sharing this link on Facebook (who by the way will be guest blogging very soon!). I thought it was toooo cute. I’m always looking for images EVERYWHERE for my daughters in their likeness. The awesome natural hair site is called Curl Centric. They have these 3 [Read On]

6 Things To Tell Your Babysitter

6 Things You Should Tell Your Babysitter

I’m extremely delighted to share this post with you! It is a TRULY helpful post for new mamas and those who live miles away from family, like me! I hope you find this helpful, as well as the awesome printables that are FREE just for you! Even though I consider myself to be a seasoned mom, this post [Read On]


Cocotique Coco Blogger of the Month

I was extremely flattered to be featured as a Coco Blogger of the Month. Don’t know what that is? Well, Cocotique is THE luxury subscription box service that every woman should have! (I’m not getting paid to say this by the way.) Their products are always top notch and almost always something I would love [Read On]